Sunday, 10 July 2011

Adventures in Quizville

You go to the pub quiz, quite comfortable in the knowledge that you will probably know less than 50% of the answers, and in fact, you’re half right - your team knows 50% of the answers. Seeing as our team came to a grand total of 2, I think you’ll agree.

Now, when we do a music round, it goes summat like this:
If you don’t know a male singer, write down ‘Kenny Loggins’.
If you don’t know a female singer, write down ‘Linda Ronstadt’.

Don’t ask; it’s a long story. Anyway, there we are, at the quiz, and there’s a question that goes ‘Who was the first European navigator to make it round South America and reach the Pacific?’ Not knowing our history as far as navigators go (Chewie doesn’t count), we left it blank. Until the other half of my team, on a whim, went ‘Lynch!’.

And thus, an A-Team meme was born.

For the rest of the evening, every time a question is asked to which we don’t know the answer, we have to write down a variation on the name ‘Lynch’.

Name the two stars of ‘Disclosure’.’ Lynch. And Lynch (no relation).

Who was the spy in ‘Colonel Sun’?Agent Lynch.

What is a hockey puck made of?Ground Lynch.

Name the (1) most populous and (2) second most populous cities/urban areas of Senegal.’ Lynch City. Isle of Lynch.

Where do Grampus 8 play home games?Greater Lynchester.

And so it goes. Came second from bottom, but it were bloody good fun! And, perhaps, that’s all that matters. Especially when your team name is ‘I’m Lynch and So’s My Wife’.


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