Sunday, 3 July 2011

That which we call 'writing', by any other name would read as awesomesauce

You know when you’re in the middle of writing a book and it’s not writing itself? Ideas dry up and you think: ‘ah bugger, guess I’ll have to leave it a week?’ Well it’s happened to me about three weeks in a row.

Never one to give up writing for longer than a shift at work, I went to something else I’d started but put down in favour of said book. And, ineluctably, here we are: another Supernatural fanfic.

“None Of Your Beeswax”

Rating: Rated T (for Dean).
Sam and Dean get mixed up in something rather old and waxy that doesn’t concern them. Don’t you hate it when that happens?
Set during happier times. No spoilers for s4, 5, 6 or 7. Enjoy.
Also up at SupernaturalVille, the home of SPN fan fiction. Now at, too.
I do not own Supernatural or in fact owt but the MacBook Air I typed this on. All I hope to gain from this is reviews. Which, obviously, you can’t bank.


And there you have it. Chapters will be up mid-week and Sunday, just like the good old days!

Peach and lube, people. Peach and lube.

1 comment:

fourdinners said...

Peach and what???

I bugger off the blogosphere for a bit and I get 'Peach and bloody Lube'?????

Disgraceful behaviour.

Good job I like yer!!!

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