Sunday, 22 November 2015

Frumentum Ex Spatio

Yup, here I am again with another story. In between getting rejection letters from agents for my sci-fi book, I'm posting these stories to convince myself that it's all about the telling, not about the making an official career out of it. Funny thing is, I've wanted to do an X-Files story for about... twenty years.

Anywyay, here's my latest:

Title: Frumentum Ex Spatio

Rating: Rated T \ Teen and Up for blood and gore.

Mulder and Scully are sent to Louisiana to help a local agent investigate alleged animal attacks. He wants proof, she wants everyone to live to tell the tale, and the local agent wants… Well, that’s the real story, isn’t it? Flashlights, government-issue Glocks, a-walking in the woods, bodily damage and hurt\comfort. A little MSR\Sculder for those into gratuitous fanservice.

I do not own The X Files or any of the characters. This is all for fun, not for profit. Unless you add me to any favourites lists or leave comments. Then I profit in the knowledge that someone thinks it’s pretty good.

Characters: Dana Scully, Fox Mulder, a little Walter Skinner, and an OC or few.

Linky-link-link: HERE at An Archive of Our Own under my name TozaBoma (because they don’t re-edit your stuff later) and HERE at Fanfiction dot net under my name Mardy Lass.

If you even visit the page, I thank you.

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