Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Arrgh! Nationalities headache!

Ewan!Aaaaargh! Now my head hurts ~ read THIS and see why...

In other news, Christian Slater is back int West End soon, playing Jack Nicholson's role in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Thanks to my sister for pointing this out, and also that I'll be in HK again when he's treading the boards. Bugger.

Apart from that, it's freezing here and I'm following the patch of sunlight working its way round the room, trying to stay warm. And waiting for Hotel Babylon tomorrow night. It's episode 7 of 8 ~ and knowing I'll miss no. 8, I'm kind of looking forward to no. 7. Very upset I'll be missing the further adventures of Charlie Edwards, but what can you do?

In still other news, get a load of this: Stephen Fry (Smartest Luvvie in the World, TM) has a thing for Apple Macs. Of course he does! He's the smartest luvvie in the world! Of course knows that Macs are the future! See HERE...

Still annoyed about the BBC dragging out the end of Life On Mars, pretending it wasn't, and then just not sending him home. Gits. The only way to make it up to us is to write a bloody good series 2, or there'll be trouble. By 'eck an that, eh.


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