Tuesday, 28 February 2006

There is no 1973… (a sort of part 2)

It's not all doom and gloom actually, as even though Sam Tyler didn't get home (in a really pathetic bid by the BBC to string out another series), other things have been awreight.

Had a cracking time in Bath, despite the aforementioned Aussie arse getting on me tits (thankfully, only figuratively), and the bum-numbing ride on t' bus home. played away to Great Harwood Town yesterday and drew 1-1 (match report here). My iPod (which I previously thought was a goner, software-wise) has been exonerated in the Failing of the Battery case (iPod Shuffle v the Soupdragon, February 2006), and things are getting back to normal. My sister's famous random phrase inspired me to get me own, and this successfully dealt out a Napoleon's farewell Sharpe-style to several wankers I met at the various pubs and clubs in Bath over the weekend. I am not at liberty to divulge the nature of this phrase, however it has become one of me favourites and will be remembered long after I've blown this pop-stand and returned to the Bright Centre of the Universe (Hong Kong).

So anyway, to the matter at hand. Did you know that in 1752, September 3rd – 13th did not exist? Really! That's like 2 weeks that just disappeared… And so it could have been in 1973! I'm starting to believe, Muldar-like, in this idea that perhaps 1973 didn't exist…

Damn, I haven’t thought of a picture yet. I'm still looking for more of Ewan or hopefully Max getting their arses out. Will keep trying. In the meantime, there's Ashley J Williams. Speaking of which, I hope they get a wiggle on and make "My Name Is Bruce".



The Pedant-General in Ordinary said...

Can you imagine trying to make a calendar change of that scale today? Think Y2K except 30 times nastier....

Oh and thanks for the link. The Language log article (for all the nonsense in the correspondence updates) is actually really very good.

Toodle Pip!

Anonymous said...

there was an oil crisis in 1973

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