God sold me a bag…

…well alright, it wont really God, but G.O.D., so I guess I lied a little. What's the difference between "a god" and "God"? I'm reliably informed that God is "the supreme being", whereas a deity is just that ~ a deity. Sorry, getting off topic here. Suffice to say, G.O.D. in Causeway Bay (behind the Lee Theatre building-thing) is having a sale, so I went in. Turns out the sale only applies to t-shirts, but that didn't stop me from buying a "letterbox" bag. It's fab.

Speaking of fab attire, I have to apologize to a girl I shouted at ont tram today. She were wearing an Evil Dead t-shirt, and me being a bit of a fan myself, called out "ey! Workshed!" This made half the tram turn round and stare at me. She turned round, caught sight o me grinning at her like a lunatic and called back "Groovy!" We both laffed and then I had to run off 't tram, otherwise I might have stopped and actually asked her where she'd bought it. It looked real, and she seemed to be a tourist alright. Made me smile fer't rest o day, that did. How bizarre is that, seeing someone not only wearing 't t-shirt but having seen it too? I mean, sometimes you see people wearing film t-shirts but they haven't seen it. Guess she were big fan too then.

Talking o fans… FC United o Manchester (FCUM) have got back onto storming form: Punk Football has, as usual, all the coverage. A cracking site and a cracking match! And nice to see no-one's changing shirts next season… Staying wi the North, me and a mate sat and thoroughly enjoyed an episode of Sharpe last night. Now stop laffing! It were funny, it were melodrama at it's best, and it had the ever rough and ready Sean Bean as the less-o-your-shit-lad (all in his tough-as-nails Sheffield accent) man in charge. Highlights include:

… and several other rather, er, colourful bits of dialogue ~ as far as Carlton TV could take it back in them days before 9pm.

I did notice that as he got more and more fucked off he started using "buggering 'ell" a lot more often… I think I might start using this (explosion) thing too. It's a fucking excellent all-round expletive! Imagine the fun I could be having wi this little word, all over Hong Kong... Perhaps if enough people heard me, and the context it were used in, they might come to take it as a swear word, and then eventually it may even find its way into the OED.
"(Explosion) great!"

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Anonymous said…
sean is the best! did you know he made a new one this year?
A new jumper? a new baby? a new orifice? We psychic or what?...

Punk Football rocks. Like it. Enjoying 't blog too. Ta very much.
Soupdragon said…
As far as I know, a buffle-brain is an absent-minded or just plain low IQ type person. Haven't heard it in yonks, mind.

Thanks for reading!