Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Why am I being punished?

AaronRight: once, I can put down to coincidence, but three times? Come on, someone's having a fucking laff! I was asked to work my day off. I thought, yeah, might as well, nowt else to do that can't wait till Sunday. So I agreed. Two nights before I'm due to work my day off, my water heater dies. (This is a long story, saved for a time when I'm calmer and more able to type wi'owt shaking wi rage.) Cut a long story short, the only time the engineer can come and put in a brand spanking new one, is today (my day off) at 6.30pm. But I wouldn't finish work till 7pm, then it takes me an hour to get home. Riiiiiiiight.

I call my boss, she's in a meeting. I've just got to have the last lesson off, I've just got to get back and let this guy into my flat so that he can rip old one out and put a nice new one in (free to me, of course ~ that's why the landlord's involved). I'm waiting on the call from my boss where she makes me squirm and I say I've got no choice. I'm now thinking, "typical, on my day off anyway, and then I agreed to work. Bummer, eh,"

Then I get a call from the a colleague in the fan club. "You're off today, right? Any plans? Could you give us a hand wi this ~" GRRRRRR! I would love to go and help, they're all lovely people and it's fun, to be honest. But I'm working today! "Sorry ~ would really love to, but…" Dunt that sound like a pile o shite? Dunt it sound like I can't be arsed so I'm thinking up excuses? I'm an atheist, but goddamn it! This ent fair! So now I'm thinking, "bloody hell, wish I'd never agreed to work!"

Then I remember I'm supposed to be watching DVDs wi a friend this evening. One I brought over especially from the UK. And if we can't make tonight, it'll have to be next week sometime ~ again. We've already had to re-schedule about six times. All I want is a day that goes right! Bloody hell!

So I've decided, that's the last time I agree to do overtime. It just causes too much hassle. If I could I'd just not work today at all, but it has to be done, I can't let em down. Fucking fuck-fuck. Why can't it be easy? Well next time it will be ~ cos I won't be working, that's fer damned sure!

So to cheer me up, today's pic is one of my favourites.


You won't believe this ~ I've got the last lesson off, but now the engineer can't get the parts till Sunday. Typical! At least I can still watch DVDs…

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Anonymous said...

nice picture ar! why you always don't put aaron on here? we want more aaron! :-)

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