Sunday, 19 March 2006

Once you had em, it's easier to get em back…

Now that I have my broadband TV working, I'm seeing at the things I thought I didn't need. I have the HBO film channel for free (sign-up offer) so I'm finding there are loads o classics I can watch of an evening. For example, today being Sunday, and waiting fer't water heater engineer, I found myself watching Innerspace, followed by Spider-Man 2. Granted, the latter ent a classic (yet), but it had me in stitches to watch Sam Raimi making a huge movie like that wi a very Evil Dead type style. Had me giggling, stuff like seeing Sam's car parked in Aunt May's driveway, or the swift camera cutting, or even on the odd occasion, the familiar use of lack of noise ~ but especially seeing the doctor wi the chainsaw. Absolutely fucking great.

But Innerspace. Everyone's seen it, right? It's a movie that ranks right up there with The Big Easy ~ fer't same reason. Dennis Quaid. Everyone's favourite grinner. And he's left-handed, so it goes wi'owt saying that he's on my ok list. I'm sorely tempted to make an exception and shunt him into "Gods" territory, but there's just a little something that keeps him firmly in "Favourites". Except when you see movies like the above mentioned. Makes you re-assess and question your priorities. Innerspace was famous for him just being strapped to't chair for 90 minutes. The Big Easy… Well, everyone knows what that were famous for. When they made that crappy TV series of it int early 2000 or late 90's, whenever it were, it didn't quite have the same content. Abs. Dennis Quaid made the movie by walking round wi'owt a shirt and displaying those oh-so-sculpted abs of his. Bloody marvellous. The fact that he's had his porkier moments since dunt come into it ~ did you see the remake of the James Stewart movie Mr Quaid did, Flight of the Phoenix? Just goes to show, if you had muscles int first place, it's easier to get em back than if you never had em at all…

Have to mention Flagrant Harbour's post on the ostensibly unfair suing of a man for downloading stuff from t'internet. Nice reporting ~ made me chuckle (although I did feel bad fer't poor bastard. Hope he gets out of it alright).

On a completely different subject, what's with spaghetti? I hate cooking the fucking stuff cos you just know it ent going where you want. In the sink, over the stove, down your trouser leg, anywhere you care to name except the bloody bowl it's being aimed at. Pisses me off. I'm trying to write in between making tea, as it's now after 11pm and I've to go to bed soon. Probably shouldn't be eating the stuff anyway, but I've nothing else int flat.

Celebrity Deathmatches: who do you want? I want Ash (Evil Dead) v George W. Bush, just fer no other reason than one's an accidental hero and one's a wanker. And thanks to the miracle that is free speech, I can type that here and the worst I'll get is posts and comments telling me I'm a wanker. All I can say to that is: my garden wall's four feet high.

And good news for all us Hotel Babylon fans ~ a second season has been commissioned. Just have to hope that Max Beesley is along fer't ride too. Hmm. Having the words "Max Beesley" and "ride" in the same sentence makes me forget what I was doing… Now all we need is a cameo from Ewan McGregor and it'd be perfect! He could be a nasty fucker of a customer maybe. I could see that… And he'd have to have it out wi Max Beesley ! Yes! Fisticuffs at sunset! Bring on the water and towels…

And thanks to having read the Devil's Kitchen again, and trying to keep up, I tried the IQ quiz. Then found something much more fun from the panel ont left hand side:

How evil are you?
You Are 48% Evil

You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side.
Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination.

Ok, so I'm no Dr No, but I'm trying. Takes time, you understand. And I didn't even get t' pub quiz tonight ~ ongoing saga of my fucked water heater to sort wi engineer. Hope to make it next week...

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