Monday, 1 January 2007

Separated at birth...?

Well, it’s been a long holiday, hasn’t it? First it were Christmas (three days if you count Sunday) and then New Year (two days if you count Sunday). I spose five days over two weeks int bad when you look at all them poor buggers having to work in 24hr jobs. I had to do it once. It sucked the big one.

Anyway, got meself a proper bad head today, courtesy of too many BBC programmes and vodka. Thank Crunchie fert Tinternet ~ we had Robin Hood (pants!), Quatermass (new ‘live’ re-make: pretty good!) and Doctor Who (K9! Screaming like girls! Hilarious!). The rest of Hong Kong's holiday programming were drier than a snake’s arse in a wagon rut, so very grateful Tinternet seems to be 70% restored over here.

So anyway, over a week ago now, unwrapped me DVD of Doctor Who’s 2005 season 2 opener, “The Christmas Invasion”, and settled in fer an eyeful ~ bearing in mind up until this point, the last time I bothered to watch a Doctor Who was Sylvester McCoy, and that kinda put me off it fer life. Anyway, this new stuff is typical BBC light-entertainment fare, nowt special and praps not worth writing home about. And yet, if you’ve been overseas for a while, you kinda miss all them typically English things that make a visit worth it. I spose it’s true, yer country does sometimes make you who you are.

Anyway, there’s poor ‘New Doctor’ (and we’re all thinking, maybe we should have started with ‘New’ Doctor Christopher Ecclestone first…), walking fromt Tardis. He’s all rested and sorted after having spent most of the episode in bed, recovering from his abrupt Chris Ecclestone-shedding moment (which we’ve never seen either. Was it fab?). He opens the big blue doors and just says “Did you miss me?”

He then goes on (an I’m sure you’ve all seen this episode on TV the first time around, so I’m not exactly committing spoilerage, am I?) to have a word wi a nasty alien bully type, putting him in place right enough before saying hello to all the people he saw last when he were Doctor Chris.

But big bad Mr Alien (“big fella”, as New Doctor calls him, which had me in stitches in a ‘looking-after-me-neighbour’s-large-but-actually-quite-harmless-pet-dog’ kinda way), demands to know what the present continuous tense is going on, and who this matey thinks he is, shuffling round in his jammies and slippers, Arthur Dent-stylee.

And New Doctor has a bit of a Moment (A.K.A. Funny Turn), having no clue who he is actually is. I mean, give the poor love a minute, eh? He’s just woken up and he’s not entirely sure who he is himself. Course, I coulda told him. I mean, I’ve seen that face before:

No wait, I think I’ve got em mixed up. Ah, right, got it, it should have been this one, sorry:

No, wait, wait... hang on. Let me get this straight – these two are NOT the same bloke? Are you sure?

Are you sure? I mean, really? Hmm. Alright, I’ll have to take yer word fer it. Mind you, I’ve never seen ‘em stood next to each other, in a Batman/Bruce Wayne kinda way. Eh? Eh? Eh?

Anyway, enjoyed it fer all them little English bits you just don’t get when yer abroad (revived wi a cuppa tea? Bloody marvellous! We were in fits over that one!), and have to say, David Tenninch The Tennster makes a smashing Doctor. I think it’s his bendy face.

Speaking o which, couldn’t we have The Hamster in our fantasy corp. of Royal Marines Commandos? I mean, any bloke as ploughs a field wi his head at 300mph, spends three months in hospital and then walks out wi’owt a scratch deserves a mention, in me estimation.

Anyway, back to it, eh. It’s work again tomorrow, and I’ll have to fight wi play wi the little monsters dahlings and pretend I’m a well-adjusted, normal person. It’s going to be hard.

Hang on, it’s January! Happy New Year everyone, 新年快樂! That means it’s my birthday soon! Woo-hoo! More reasons to get pished! And then after that it’s February… crazy! That means... in a few months I’ll have been scribbling on this thing fer a year already. Dunt time fly when alcohol-propelled? Much like space rockets.

That’ll do then. Soopytwist.

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weenie said...

Happy New Year and hope you had a great pagan holiday etc! :-)

David Tennant is probably my fave doctor (after the legend that is Tom Baker...) but rumours are that the Tennster has had enough and won't be Doc much longer!!! :-(

* (asterisk) said...

The Tennant rocks as the Doctor, gotta say. But as Weenie mentions, it looks like we have but another series and a half before the next regeneration. Oh well. There's talk of Robert Carlyle...

Torchwood is quite good, too.

But I don't care for the Hamster.

weenie said...

Torchwood - nice idea and concept but disappointingly, I've not really rated the stories much. Or maybe they just seem to have crap endings. And what's with all the women falling into bed with that Doctor guy? He's a bit on the h-ugly side. That other fella is a bit easier on the eye!

Soupdragon said...

Aw nooooooo! I've only seen like 3 of The Tennster episodes (just got over the "K9! He still recognises me!" one, ROFL) and I have to say, he's fucking cracking, is that lad.
I'll be sad to see the back of him.
Actually, no, I wouldn't - what I meant was I'd be sad to see him GO.

Cheers m'dears ~ haven't seen Torchwood yet but have heard promising things. Is it really just "a bit meh"? Bugger.


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