Thursday, 1 February 2007

All things fucked and wonder fuel

Hot showers. I tell you, mate, there’s not a lot o things finer ont freezing, brass-monkey weather morning than a hot shower. Me water heater’s fine, ta very much. Hasn’t given me a lick of trouble in oh… at least a month. Me tap, however, now that’s a different story…

Time was I could get into me wee shower cubicle, turn ont tap, lift the lever thing and get lovely hot water outta the shower head. Now it’s started turning a bit parky over here (like 15 degrees C ~ about ten degrees too cold fert likes o me, I might add) the fucker’s started playing Silly Buggers left, right, and all over my centre. Now it’s turn ont tap, feel water is hot, lift lever and start screaming and leaping up and down, crazed-Beatles-fan-stylee, as the fucking thing blasts water that, I shit you not, could pretty much scald the paint off the underside of an oil tanker. From thirty paces.

I know we’ve never really got along, me and that tap. I know we’ve never really been what you might call ‘friends’, in any loose kinda interpretation of’t word. But come on, mate, do you really have to try and give me an interesting new skin-peel just cos I don’t want all me bits frozen off? I ask you, is a reasonably hot shower too much to ask?

In other news, this new Blogger thing is also inventing new variations of Silly Buggers, the obviously now international game of fun and arsing about. I happened upon a reason to check my Casino Royale review – and what do I find upon clicking the link as posted ~ by Blogger ~ int right-hand pane of me own fucking page?

Sorry, come back later, we’ve bollocksed it up. Report this and praps we’ll do summat about it. One day.

Riiiiiiiiiight. Turns out, other links aren’t working either. Hmm. Someone took it outta Beta too soon, methinks. Or it’s just fucked. Which, judging by the way the rest of me week has gone, is far more likely.

So I’ve been very glad that I’ve (1) got series one of A Bit of Fry and Laurie on DVD to watch, and (2) a fridge full of beer. And Jack Daniels. Fantastic. No wait ~ that just dunt fit the teeth. Talking of which, I have a number 3: waiting wi bated breath (ooh, am I ever batey) fer me Casanova DVD and season 2 Doctor Who / the Tennster does Jarvis. Can’t wait. Cos it’s gonna be… too cool fer school!

Also, a big ta to everyone as let me know that Starbuck / Face / Dirk Benedict came third in Celebrity Big Brother ~ I can now sleep at night. Actually, I think it were Drunk Punk, from his new home over there at WordPress. Looks a lot more exciting than Blogger. Hmm….

I think that’ll do it. Apart from a plea directed at Granny W: come up and see me, make me smile. I’ll do what you want, running wild. If you like. It’s been one o them weeks.

That’s it, that’s yer lot.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



er....soz....just quit drunk punk. nagged yer see. too many women wanted me to stay on Dilligaf n yer know what women are like when they start....

Soupdragon said...

Hey no, yer alright, it's just a wee adjustment my end....
I kinda liked the layout thingy over there. But anyway, blogger's doing this 'customisable' thing now. Apparnetly. Couldn't be arsed to look at it just yet.



* (asterisk) said...

Umm, first up, it's not David Tenninch, y'know. That's very rude, and stuff.

Second, which Casanova is that you're getting? The David T version or Heath Ledger. Missed the DT version meself, but loved the Heath version.

Third, you got that Barefoot Kid disc yet? Any good? Spill the beansprouts, me ol' china.

Soupdragon said...

Yeah, alright, sorry ~ technically it were apparently Doctor Chris thats went "fantastic" every five minutes, sorry. (Dunno, never seen a Doctor Chris episode.)

But don't you start on me fer being rude when the first thing you say is "first up, David Tenninch"! Brought a few ideas to mind, that did....

Second, there's only one Casanova version fer me, and that's the Tennster one (see? Keeping off the 10 inch thing altogether, now...), which is winging its way (or rather, walking backwards very slowly) over to me as I type. I hope.

And still not got the Barefooted Kid yet - keep getting distracted by work, other Aaron disks, and people moving in and out of me life. Ah well. Will most definitely get around to it... Er, sometime.... Probably new year, when I get a holiday, LOL! That's Feb 18th, over here....

Cheers m'dear~



Soupdragon said...

Oh, sorry, just realised you meant the Technorati tags thing, where I wrote "Tenninch". Don't worry, that were just fert crack. Actual link thing under it says "Tennant".

*embarrassed grin*


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