Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Birthdays and films and wants, oh my

As of this day, 13th February 2007, and this, my 120th post, this blog is one year old. Awww! Has it really been a year since I sat in Mam’s old chair, huddled under a duvet against the arctic conditions in me dad’s front room, typing away? Well, yeah, obviously. A year since the first series of ‘Life On Mars’, a year since my stint as an unemployable bum, a year since I realised I could waffle better than I could write fiction.

And so it goes.

Films first then: If yer into weeny Jet Li (Lei Lin-Git) like me, then yer’ll be pleased to note that he’s finished filming ‘Rogue’ (also starring Jason “you stole the jam outta my doughnut Tommy” Statham) and it’s in post-production. Hopefully it will hit the world’s theatres sometime around September this year. Here’s wishing-and-hoping-wishing-and-hoping that it won’t be so much wire-fu arse gravy, like ‘Romeo Must Die’ or ‘Cradle 2 The Grave’ was. Although I liked bits of ‘Cradle 2 The Grave’ for Anthony Anderson and Tom Arnold’s very funny totally deadpan (McHale’s Navy type) scenes. And Mark Dacascos. But I have to disagree ~ Mark would have had little Jet. I’m not saying that fer any other reasons than they’re both ex-wushu champions in real life, Mark’s a little younger (and dare I say it, faster) and he int carrying an old knee injury. So there.

Anyway, the point is, he’s filming his new one, ‘刺馬’, or ‘Ci Ma’ (Mandarin/Potunghua) or ‘Chi Ma’ (Cantonese) or ‘Blood Brothers’ as the name has been rendered in English (it’s a Potunghua film, which is a good thing, cos his accent is lovely). And guess who’s along fert wewungwung ride? Why, it’s the amazingly avian Andy Lau Tak-Wah and the completely creamy-dreamy Kaneshiro Takeshi (Gam Sing-Mo). Bargain! And you can even read all about it on his very own, Jet-written blog. Don’t worry, it’s in English and Simplified Chinese, so you can even brush up on yer Potunghua while yer there.

Talkin o brushing up, those two gore-hounds Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino have a new back-to-back weird jobbie coming soon: Grindhouse. Apparently it’s two completely separate, unconnected films showing back to back, wi lots o little gimmicks like fake trailers and shite int middle etc. Apparently it’s great film-making and a wonderful homage to all those snuff-like ‘art-house’ movies shown in back-street secret pictures palaces. Sounds like it could either be shite (cos Tarantino’s in there, and he lost my appreciation after ‘Kill Bill’ came out) or pretty cool (due to Rodriguez recently having given us ‘Sin City’).

I did mention a ‘want’ int title, didn’t I? So here it is then ~ well, three, actually. A TARDIS USB hub, a sonic screwdriver and a Peter Kay ‘London is shite’ baseball cap. No doubt I’ll have grown out of all of these before next week. Except the TARDIS hub. It flashes its light, you know. And makes that ‘indignant elephant’ vworp vworp noise. How fab is that?


That’s it then. I’m off to make sure I can avoid the annual saccharine-fest that will descend tomorrow. Oh, and run squeeeeing with delight to me local Post Office to pick up me parcel from Granny W, and rip off’t packaging to get to Casanova. Well, the DVD, anyway… Did I mention how much I love Granny W?

Peach and lube then. And I mean that most sincerely, folks.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


weenie said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

* (asterisk) said...

Happy blogiversary, SD.

I love Rodriguez, and I'm quite looking forward to Grindhouse.

Were you able to see the Brits somehow the other night? Sean Bean was on there, presenting an award. I thought of you.

And Arctic Monkeys won a couple of things. And Oasis did a set, but that's when I turned off cos I hate 'em.

Still, it all sounds like a Soupy kinda show to me.

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