Friday, 9 February 2007

“Take a look at the law-man beating up the wrong guy…

… oh man, wonder if he’ll ever know… he’s in the best selling show…”

So we’ve got till next Tuesday before we find out what happens to Sam and the Gene Genie. Four days till the first episode of series two of Life On Mars is broadcast in Blighty, and we find out if they really did just fuck off downt pub after the padded, predictable ratings-grabfest that was the final episode of series one.

I should be nicer. I know the first seven episodes were fab. I especially enjoyed the Gene Genie’s having a go at Sam Tyler ~ who didn’t? Who could fail to be amused by his rough an’ ready attitude when it comes to dealing wi some jumped-up nonce from ‘Hyde’?

Poor Sam, though. Not only is he still stuck in 1973 (or is he? Or is he? OR IS HE?), he has to suffer the indignity of being rendered as a Trumpton / Camberwick Green puppet fert adverts. Although I have to say, he looks much better. That Puppet Gene Hunt had me in absolute stitches. It’s the funniest fucking thing I’ve seen since a student wrote “I don’t like chickens, they all have H5N1” for an example fert ‘I don’t like’. About ten minutes after seeing the BBC advert, I had the fucking roll-call "Hugh! Hugh! Barley! McGrew! Cuthbert! Dibble! Grub!" in me head all bloody evening. And then when I checked Wikipedia for a reference (just in case some bugger here has never seen either o those classics), I found out all these years I've been gettin't names wrong! Oh the shame!

So will we get more Nelson the barman? Who I prefer to believe knows a tad more ‘n he’s letting on? And more wee Chris? Who I prefer to believe is harmless, bless his wee cottons. And more Annie? Who I prefer to believe is more of a man than that twat Ray Carling? And please, please, please, fert love o Sean Bean’s arse, give us more Phyllis!

That’s about it, really. Just wanted to share the pics and the lovely trailer. Ta to Bluestocking fert details and regular blogs to giggle over.


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Never watched it. Wish I had now.

weenie said...

I missed the last two episodes of the first series cos I was working in Sweden at the time but I'm just glad that there's going to be summat to watch on tv again. Oh, some new fantasy series about dinosaurs on tonight, Primeval. So that's two programmes a week I can tune into now!

brew star said...

I thought that the second bloke to be called was "pew" or "pugh", something like I also feel terribly ashamed of my poor edumecation:(

word verifornication: azrbhyqs (a cross between an ex-soviet state and a welsh seaside town perhaps? )

weenie said...

Pew,Pew, Barney McGrew,Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub! Classic stuff!

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