Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Home again home again jiggety-jig…

I’m back. I’m up and I’m dressed, what more do you want? And so to fighting off jet-lag by a quick round-up of all the shite I’ve neglected while I’ve been bouncing around continents.

Take That does ‘Shine’: yay! It’s bouncy-bouncy tap-tap time! My favourite track ont ‘Beautiful World’ album, an’ all. Got up at 7am this morning, purely cos I couldn’t sleep (jet-lagged, you understand – you think I get up at that time of the night normally?). Turned on T.V. to find Channel V (music station) playing the beginning of the very song. Sat and watched, transfixed.

Was it over-the-top bollocks, shiny white suits and unashamed spectacle in the style of some RKO broadcast? Or just a bit of fun? Impossible to be sure on just one, bemused viewing. Perhaps it’ll be on again at some point. Bloody good laff, though. Chucking wee Mark Owen over a piano? Howard and Jason doing synchronised breakdancing? Had me chuckling into me morning tea, that’s for damned sure. Gave me that little pep I needed to wake up first thing int morning. Bloody marvellous, I think.

Stephen Fretwell – who is he and what does he want? Apparently he’s quite good at folky type stuff and he’s filling up me iPod nicely.

And so to ‘Primeval’. ITV’s answer to ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Walking With Dinosaurs’? Riiiiiiiight. I watched I think the second episode, and thought it could be quite good. Watched an episode tonight, about some flying thingy that turned out to be completely harmless while some other flock of miniature pterodactyl / bat things went round ripping people to pieces. Hmm. All I can say is, rival to ‘Doctor Who’ it ain’t. For me, at any rate.

The lead blokey runs like a girl, some bizarre attraction between him and Establishment Girl (interrupted by Wifey, who pops in and out of our world willy-nilly) is completely contrived and is faker than a five dollar copy of ‘Casino Royale’. I just don’t get it. I’m sure there are people who hate New Who just as much, and treat it wi as much derision, so I’ll not bang on about it.

And so to ‘Doctor bloody Who’ ~ just got past ‘Love and Monsters’ and have to say, thought it were fab, even if the Doctor and Blondie don’t turn up till last five minutes. Very funny and so very Russell T. Davies, dahling.

And so to other, ‘foreign’ sci-fi shows: ‘Firefly’. Just got stuck into the ‘War Stories’ episode and nearly died laffing. Which, considering it were about Cap’n Mal Sir and poor put-upon Wash being kidnapped and tortured, should come as a surprise. But not where poor Wash has delusions of Mal and his wife (the Amazonian Zoe) sharing more than just troop rations during the war are concerned. Bloody hilarious, their conversations on shagging Zoe to prove a point. I especially liked the ending, parting shot. Bloody hell, Nathan Fillion is a find. Has he had his jaw wired at some point, been taking deadpan lessons from Jack Dee (of ten years ago), or is he just Canadian? Oh, Canadian it is, then. (Wait a minute! That means he can join my fantasy league of Royal Marines Commandos! Woo-hoo!) Fucking excellent sense of comic timing and a wonderfully parched-dry sense of humour on that attractive mountain of man. And if you should find yerself in possession of the boxed DVD set, treat yerself to the commentary. Him and Alan Tudyk (‘Wash’) are a fantastic double-act. Ah, dear, eh? So much pleasure in such a small box should be illegal.

And so to ‘Supernatural’. Yeah, I know you lot have seen all the current series, but we’ve only had the first one (I think) over here in Hong Kong on TVB Pearl. I have to admit, I’ve ceased watching it fer some itch fert weird goings-on left so long unscratched by ‘The X Files’. Naw, I’m watching cos that brother, the shorter one, what’s-his-tit, Dean. He’s nice. Think his name’s Jensen in real life. Bit of a girlie name, is ‘Jenson’. Sounds like either a racing driver or a muppet manipulator wi a Spanish accent. Hmm. But bloody hell, he has a nice car! Lovely sound, too. Apparently it’s a 1967 Chevy Impala. Sounds foreign.

And so to footie – you knew it were coming, right? Namely Man U’s smiting of the European XI fer charity. ‘Ave it!

Er, I think that’s it… Going to pour meself me third whisky and coke (ta muchly, A., fer them two hyowj bottles!) and praps sneak a peak at some Sir Sean of Bean news. Apparently things are moving on ‘True North’ and ‘A Woman of No Importance’. Praps his usual reliable performance in these two new projects will deaden the memory of the waste of space ‘Outlaw’. Well, we can hope…


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* (asterisk) said...

Welcome back. Not seen Primeval yet; probably won't bother. Ditto Outlaw. Only two more months till the new series of Doctor Who. Did you ever watch any Torchwood? That was all right, too.


Primeval is crap. Doctor Who is class. Just wait 'til you get to the finale. If yer don't cry yer not human.

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