Sunday, 12 August 2007


I like that word. It’s fun. It’s long. It’s got lots of ‘I’s in it. It’s not very good-looking, but I’ll bet it has a smashing personality.

Anyway, the point of it being me title is that I’ve finally got round to watching ‘Torchwood’. Me and Flatmate have basically done five episodes in two days. First impressions?

Not enough Captain Jack Harkness, but hey, it’s coming around. Gwen: fine. Owen: I quite like him, even though the rest of the world thinks he’s a twat. Tosh: apart from thinking she’s come a long away since ‘Absolutely Fabulous’, she’s doing the job. Ianto: poor bugger. Although he did get mouth-to-mouth from Jack when he nearly died, so can’t feel too sorry for him, eh.

To be honest, my reaction to the stories kinda went “meh”, “meh,” and “meh”, mostly in that order. Then the one wi the cyberwoman, and it did Drama with a big D, and yay, we did like. Then the poor wee Jack one wi the fairies and old loves. Aww, cotton socks, eh. So sorta getting into it, I suppose. Will watch the rest of’t series, won’t be too much of a chore. I do like the way you get a tiny, weeny snippet of Doctor’s Theme music every time they walk past the hand in the jar though, bwa ha. And the pterodactyl – loving the pet, yes. They showed ‘The Quatermass Experiment’ on BBC Entertainment last night, and we’ve clocked that the wifey of the last remaining scientist were the bird as played Suzie in ‘Torchwood’s pilot episode (the one wi the gauntlet and the knife). Which were amusing, as it turns out she’s having David Tenninch Tennant’s Doctor Briscoe ont side, tee hee. (Who wouldn’t? He’s got his own voice on and doing the Slightly Scruffy thing.) Mark Gatiss (Professor Lazarus) were the chief engineer bod, and even Brian from ‘Teachers’ turned up as a newspaper reporter. Can’t say fairer than that, can you? Not when Jason Flemyng (of ‘Bacon’ fame, etc.) were Quatermass himself. Can’t say it were as gripping as the original black and white version, but it did do no-nonsense British sci-fi on a Saturday night, so it were alright.

So, what else? Well apart from struggling through this week pretending I’m not completely wasted due to jetlag, not a lot. Got a T8 ‘tropical cyclone’ warning on Friday, which closed all the shops and businesses so everyone int territory could go home. Bloody marvellous! Spent the day eating, drinking and watching ‘Torchwood’.

Have also been struggling with fan-fic. Yeah, we’re talking the Doctor without Martha, after the fact. Can’t explain, too much to go through. Basically, fab new person + drama + mystery = much excitement for me. Except it all has to be explained int end – which I can do, but you can’t just have someone stand there and spout narrative for 1,500 words. It’s rude.

I’ll work it all out, I expect. At some point. Will bloody have to, it’s driving me nuts.

That’s about it, really. Time to go and eat something, as it’s going up to 6pm and I woke up at midday again.


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* (asterisk) said...

I liked Torchwood (as you well know by now). Looking forward to S2. Glad Martha'll be in it now and again too.


Well enjoyed Torchwood and lookin' forward to the next series. Haven't got the box set yet but will have soon - assuming there is one. Haven't checked.

Soupdragon said...

TW's been getting better, have to say. Just have to find the time to watch the rest of seres 1!

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