Sunday, 19 August 2007


Seems I’ve been neglecting me amazing kindred spirit and One As Should Be Read, Four Dinners recently, and while he were off having triple-double-super-sprint-hyowj heart operations, I were worrying about insignificant stuff like pub quizzes and shite. So here we are, 4D, this bastard big couple o bottles are for you!

… or rather, I drank em in yer honour, knowing yer a wee bit poorly and shouldn’t be doing wi dirty habits like drinking. You know you shouldn’t. Be told. Anyway, hope yer all better soon! Don’t make me come over there wi ancient Chinese medicine (the kind as comes in large green bottles wi strange, elliptical labels ont front).

And now to me usual shite: ‘Doctor bloody Who’. Someone’s made a hyowj great mistake, and it’s probably fair to say the sound of that mighty clanger dropping has been heard around the globe. Yep, the Beeb and their associated press bods have ordered all shops around the world to recall every single copy of the 2008 Doctor Who Annual. Why? Nobody knows. Suffice to say, if you managed to get one before the panicked jumping up and down from’t Beeb, give it a good squiz and then tell me what the mile-wide gaff was as made em scream in terror and get em all back in. I find it interesting that all copies are to be destroyed once received back. Hmm… Series 4 secrets? Casting bloopers? Accidental copyright infringement? Or did it just have ‘Doctor How’ written ont cover? We may never know…

And now for something completely different. Kinda. Remember the American thirst for UK telly? Remember em buying rights to make a US version of the fantasmagorically squeeeable hit ‘Life On Mars’? Ah. Now then, cos me big sister knows I write about shite, she’d alerted me to a certain news article. Seems none other than that lovely chappie Colm Meaney (‘These aren’t just any stem-bolts – these are self-sealing stem-bolts!’) has been approached to play Gene Hunt (wi US accent in place, I assume?) and Jason O’Mara has already been signed up as the pain in the arse called Sam Tyler. Phew! It might just be alright… Maybe… Except, I can’t really imagine a US Gene Genie having a go in American – I mean, do they even have spaghetti ‘oops? Could he really go round there and stamp on all their toys? Are they so inept they couldn’t catch the clap in a French brothel? We’ll have to wait and see… And, to be honest, now that Colm Meaney’s in it, I might just have to watch it after all…

Anyway, just time to add that I’ve finally done some more updated Wallpapers Of The Week, and they’re up and ready fer yer amusement and ridicule. Talking of which, you can even while away the wee hours reading my latest ‘Doctor bloody Who’ fan-fic, if you so wish, as it is now finished, on Tinternet, and has received a handful of favourable reviews. Entitled The Half Fare and running to eleven chapters, I have to admit it kinda bent what’s left of me vodka-soaked brain trying to go back and write the beginning, once I knew what the end were. If that makes sense. Then again, I find so few things actually make any sense at all these days. Especially where I’m involved.

Anyway, peach and lube everyone, and an extra, extra specially hyowj dollop of hug-love for Four Dinners. Hopefully he’ll be back to his keyboard and regaling us wi more fab tales of hospital shenanigans shortly.


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Done 3? posts n thought everybody'd get bored of hospital.

Gettin' Series 1 and 2 of Hill Street Blues. Soz babe. This is THE best tv show ever. Docs a close = second wi'Homer.

I can drink'n all. The doc said so. He said some'at about units per day but that's all foreign to me. He definitely said I could drink....

Soupdragon said...

I enjoy reading yer tales of Philipino nurses, LOL
So yer posts = woo-hoo!
HS Blues (Simpsons fert grown-ups) = woo-hoo!
Being able to drink again = er... great!
Feeling rougher than a bear's bum this morning after testing just how many shots and pints them blokes at the pub quiz would buy me. Not clever.

But anyway, not exactly a hardship, seeing as today's me short day of the week at work, so I can be home again by 8pm and can vegetate in front fo Torchwood, Doctor Who and Supernatural...


Good to have you typing yerself!

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