Sunday, 2 September 2007

That’s not a word!

I do not believe it. I literally Do. Not. Believe. It.

You know when you think yer right, but the entire Universe is saying yer not? When you privately believe you’ve the right of it, but have to bow to popular pressure and concede that this time, you just ARE wrong and everyone else is right?

Guess what happened to me, then.

I’ve written a load of fan-fiction fer ‘Doctor bloody Who’, that’s no secret. But I were using the phrase ‘and on-sy’ fer them bits where the Doctor decides it’s time to do some stuff. However, heaps of people told me I were wrong, and it should actually have been ‘allons-y’ (as in the French).

Now I believed I were right, thinking he were just doing his normal thing of taking words and adding ‘y’ ont end (‘monky-monk-monks’ / ‘Mickity-Mick-Mickey’, anyone?). But seeing as everyone int known Universe were adamant I were wrong, I accepted the fact that this was one of them times you have to realise that you will never see the other’s point of view, and just put up and shut up.

So I trawled through about four fan-fics and changed all the ‘and on-sy’ bits to ‘allons-y’. Sorted.

Or so I thought.

Skip forward in time (snerk) to Friday night, and a much-enjoyed re-watching of the series three ‘Doctor bloody Who’ episode ‘Evolution of the Daleks’. Skip to the bit about… ooh, Martha’s just roasted all them pigmen int lift, wi help of wee Frank and Tallulah (three ‘l’s and an ‘h’), and the Doctor’s legged it up there to find they’re all alright. And then he instructs everyone to get a wiggle on.

He’s turned mostly toward the camera, and the position of that famous Scottish inverted-cleft tongue is clearly visible. And then he says, as if to twist the knife in me purr wee RSI-suffering wrist, ‘and on-sy’.

No tongue. No ‘l’. Not even a suggestion. There’s an unaspirated ‘d’ though. Oh yeah. Right there, clear as day. But I’m not feeling vindicated – more confused, due to the following:

i) Why did I not trust that I were right int first place?
ii) Why has it taken me this long to stumble over the place I probably first heard it?
(I thought it were actually in the series two episode ‘Girl In The Fireplace’, as some of them were set in France, and it’d make sense – but on second watching, he dunt use the word at all.)
iii) Is this really important in me life anyway?

Well, clearly it is, cos I’m blogging about it now. I think it’s the MOP (Matter Of Principle) thing, and of course the ‘why don’t I ever listen to meself?’ thing. And I’m not ruling out the ‘I’m just upset cos I’ll have to go back and change all them bloody fan-fics again’ thing.

Anyway, that’s about it. Nowt else really on, accept I’ve now discovered that the Motorola thing I wanted int nearly as customisable as it should be. So it’s off me Christmas list. What is on me Christmas list is a Life, so if anyone wants to make me a very happy geek and send one over that’d be great.

Soopytwist, everyone.

~ ~ ~ ~



'n I thought I was an anorak!!!

Box set for Christmas and the Christmas Special gettin' nearer...

...'n on-sy we go!

Soupdragon said...

I know ~ scary, int it?

I have my extra-crunchy DVD boxed set of fun on order from Amazon, apparently 5th November and always sbuject to change....


fab said...

I'd almost be tempted to say "you need a life, GF" but then you'd have to say that right back at me, and I'm in a very fragile state right now and can't handle the pain and strain. LOL
"Extra crunchy?" Methinksmeneedssomefriedchickennow.

Soupdragon said...

You clearly haven't read the Captain Underpants Extra Crunchy Book of Fun, then!


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