Friday, 31 August 2007

Me cookie’s crumbled

I’ve finally found a bloke I really like. He’s thoughtful, helpful, knows how to really make me laugh, suave when he wants to be, clever, and not afraid to give me a big Doctor bloody Who style hug if he thinks I’ve missed out on one today. And you know what’s coming next, right? Yup, he’s leaving.

He’s been here just about a year, I think. We didn’t get on at first – always the way, eh? I’d tell him to sit down, he’d run around. I’d ask him his favourite colour, he’d tell me it were ‘ice-cream’. I’d tell him to finish his colouring and he’d jump up and bite my arse. And over time we developed our now famous ‘I brought you a biscuit but I ate it’ routine. Ah, good times.

But that’s it. Today’s his last day. Then he moves from the kindergarten class year 2 to year 3 – but not with me. He’s moving house to Kowloon, and that means a new school will have to get used to and play with him. It’s just not fair, I tell you. He’s my friend, and I want him back.

Anyway, my suffering aside, I do have a few good things to mention this week. I’ve seen the kinda new iMac and really, really, really want one. It’s fucking lush. So yeah, I want one, but it’s HK$9,500 (around GBP 594), so I’ll be saving up fer that int next six months.

Then me and Flatmate went and watched The Invasion last week. Apart from having to tell the two US girls on holiday next to us to shut the fuck up wi their bloody moaning, it were really good. Well, we enjoyed it, anyway. Two US girls just moaned about how they couldn’t follow what were going on. I’m reserving judgement on their inability to follow a coherent story line longer than two minutes long, but you can pretty much imagine me response, I think. Anyway, Daniel Craig were fab and Nicole Kidman were really cool. Clap of the week goes to the wee boy as played her son though – what a bloody hero!

And then to a hidden gem which you lot in Blighty have probably seen about four times already on some arse-end of an ITV channel: Secret Smile. Sat through parts one and then two straight after, and thought it were cracking. Really, really enjoyed it. Always thought David Tenninch Tennant were a small boy on red Smarties, but now I know he’s actually a full-blown fucking James Blunt* evil bastard psycho – when he wants to be on telly. Gawd, he’s good.

And then we had a phonics class at work, an’ I asked all the wee’uns to write down all the words they knew that had a ‘spl’ in it. So they did. Now, I ask you, what the fuck is ‘spleeful’? We had a great time, her trying to justify the word (‘it means you’re full of splee!’) and me trying to stop laffing long enough to ask her what it were all about, Alfie (‘so what is ‘splee’ then?’). A quick conflab wi me Flatmate later via SMS (she were working int other branch) and she put forward the idea that ‘spleeful’ is how you feel after watching either Captain Jack Harkness or Doctor number Ten do summat particularly characterly. I disagreed, ont grounds that that were actually ‘squeeful’. The debate continues to rage.

And that’s yer onion. No, shallot. I have to try and hammer out this latest ‘Doctor bloody Who’ fan-fic. Oh, almost forgot: latest Wallpapers of the Week are up too. A student request this week – a looooong story, my friends.


* James Blunt = cunt (rhyming slang)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


weenie said...

Eee, there's now like a Jame Blunt tune to have you reaching for the tissues....

Soupdragon said...

Yer damned right, to stop me ears from bleeding!
Best thing about James Blunt is that Dead Ringers take-off, "It's Bloody Cold", LOL


cassy_2 said...

Reet, let me get started! First off, no matter how much rhyming slang you use, you just can't use the C word! it's not right mate! I know what you Hong Kongiuns are like! Bloody rude I tell you!

Anyhow, I thought you'd like to know how I keep telling you I don't watch Doctor Bloody Who....well I watched three episodes the other day. Purely because there was nothing else on and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I was right, it's cheesy, but the good Doc makes it funny so it kinda saves it a bit!

Anywhoz, just thought I'd let you know - juicey*!

Juicey = Do you see! tee hee, remember!

Anywayz, see ya big squish!

Soupdragon said...

This is how it starts, LOL....
I can forgive a Morrisons car park full of cheese for the Tennster, after all. He just does it so well...

So come on then, spill! What were the eps? Are we talking series 2 or 3? And the monster etc.?

Although, sorry, I do reserve the right to pepper me writing stuff wi naughty, naughty words. It's therapeutic after a day at work...


cassy_2 said...


It were the one with whats her chubby fat face called - Rose, that'll be it! I saw two were she 'died' and the one where he met Martha for the first time.

Plus, I can officially say, DT has won best actor award and Dr Who won best drama in the TV soap awards last night!

There you go - I thank the very much

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