Sunday, 23 September 2007

You’re a handsome devil, what’s your name?

So yeah, we watched 1408 last week, and it were ace. We luuurve John Cusack long time, baby. So much, in fact, that I’ve gone back to me bookcase and been mightily upset that I’ve lost half me JC back catalogue. You cannot imagine the anguished wailing of absolute despair (unless you’ve seen ‘The Princess Bride’, that is) that echoed round me flat when I realised I’d not only NOT got a copy of ‘The Sure Thing’, but that I couldn’t find me copy of ‘Better Off Dead’, neither. Blood-curdling screams of torture, I tell you. However, I did have a copy of ‘Grosse Pointe Blank’, so that did the trick this evening. I swear to Sean, if John Cusack is not one of the coolest actors int world, there’s summat fundamentally wrong wi’ the universe. Wait: 6 x 9 = 42? Oh.

Anyway, loved ‘1408’. Loved Samuel L. Jackson, loved the ‘fucking evil room’, loved the mind-bending sanity-torture (can you ever really get out?), loved all the tiny weeny things that didn’t scream at you, cos they’re sposed to be subtle, dontchaknow. ‘Cept we’ve all clocked em, so it’s fine. It’s damned fine. It’s a DVD wi’ ‘BUY ME’ stamped ont cover – ‘cept we know half them really fancy SFX ain’t gonnae come out on a DVD. Ah well. Fantastic effort though lads, well done!

And laffed me arse off all through’t ‘Grosse Pointe Blank’ too (yeah, I know this pic's from 'Better Off Dead' - gotta love those drag races!) – gawd, that man is so good at off-beat, weird humour. The blackness, I tell you. He’s ace. In a big way. Although I did also roll around to Joan Cusack’s demands for some bird ont phone to get her shipment of live ammo in, too. She’s ace, an’ all. And did you clock the other Cusack sibling as Amy, the drunk bird at table in the The Hippo Club? Aye thank you…

What were we talking about? Oh, ‘1408’, I remember. Did I say it were ace? Ok then, job done. Onto choons, methinks.

This week I have mostly been listening to Soler’s new ‘X2’ album (don’t laff, they’re actually really good), Air Traffic and of course Ben’s Brother. And I have to say, socialite girl’s-girl / lad’s-girl / girl-about-town that I am, I also attended a ‘senior’ CD launch par-tay for a new CD by one Luke Chow. Whose warm-up act, Joves, had a beautiful voice like Billy Holiday (kinda) an’ blew me away wi’ her incredible acoustic guitar an’ soulful vocals. Ooh, I like that: ‘soulful vocals’, LOL.

Did I just type ‘LOL’ in a blog post? I did. Slap me, somebody.

Has it stopped raining yet? I need to get outside for a cigarette.

Anyway, full week coming up: karaoke, Tony Leung’s new category III-fest, ‘Lust / Caution’ (from the emo-master that is Ang Lee) and then Aaron Kwok’s new eye-candy-fest (hey, I’ve clocked the poster and his arms, thank you very much), ‘C+ Detective’. It’s going to be a full week.

And I’ve even posted me new ‘Doctor bloody Who’ fan-fic ont archive too, so don’t say I never give you owt.

I think that’s it. Can you tell we’ve been ont vodka till it ran out? Still waiting for me optic to arrive, or would that just measure what we already suspected?

Almost forgot, what wi’ being three sheets to’t wind an’ all ~ new ‘Doctor bloody Who’ vids on YouTube as have had me in stitches (before I were pisht, I might add). First off, we have Babel Colour’s amazing light-hearted, line-dancing, foot-tapping, Cyber-snapping, Who-cracking, finger-wagging, Babel-blagging rodeo video that just had me wetting meself fert ‘5, 6, 7, 8!’ bits, and then we have the ‘I Like The Way You Move’ effort – raving Cybermen! How fab is that!

That’s it, I’m off (insert sarcastic ‘smell’ remarks here). I should get kettle on and remember I’m working tomorrow. Unless this T1 ‘tropical cyclone warning of the weeniest fanniest pussiest wussiet has-to-ask-its-mam-‘fore-it-goes-out level’ continues as such and dunt develop into a full-blown T8. Which would be nice, as that means a whole day off fer me. And Wednesday being a public holiday fer Mid-Autumn Festival already ~ woo-hoo!

An’ I even hear they’re shooting the new Batman film here in Hong Kong. Woo-hoo, double woo-hoo, and an extra pint of woo-hoo fert weekend!

Peach and lube, then.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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