Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Important Learnings and Samhain

So far this week I have learnt:

1. … Earth apparently has two moons, but the second isn’t actually a moon of Earth, per se. Sorry Stephen Fry, it’s not actually one of ours, it just looks like it’s following us. Paranoid? Who says?

2. … the ‘charming word pursqueeter’ [pəsˈqiːtɚ]. Thank you, Dean Winchester, for this little revelation. Bearing in mind it’s technical meaning, it may just replace ‘James Blunt’ as my favourite euphemism.

3. … that you cannot write fan-fiction while yer flatmate’s watching Robbie Williams’s ‘And Through It All’ DVD. Just cannot be done.

4. … that most kids in Hong Kong think Hallowe’en should be a holiday. Whereas I think 1st November should be a holiday – excellent opportunity to get over that Purple Nurple hangover.

5. … and that, after about eight Purple Nurples it becomes very difficult to mix any further ones. For this reason, always have a flatmate / friend / drinking buddy on hand to help you remember what measures yer supposed to be using.

That’s pretty much it for today. I have Robert Burn’s excellent poem ‘Hallowe’en’ up at my LJ, as it’s pretty long and I don’t want to have to post it twice. I’m lazy like that.

So have a good time, whatever it is yer doing tonight ~ don't set fire to owt that isn't yours, don't eat any pumpkins and don't arse about wi any urban legends ~ and I’ll see you all again very soon. After watching ‘Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn’, of course…

Peach and lube, everyone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1 comment:

granny w said...

Did I teach you nothing!!!!!!! You mix up the purple nurples into 2 litre plastic bottles and place in your fridge at the start of the evening and then just enjoy the rest of your sacred evening celebrating samhain! I do eorry about how you cope without me to organise your decent into alcoholism you know! xx

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