Sunday, 28 October 2007

Round up

Not really done much this week, so a quick round-up of all the shite I’ve had to sort out goes like this:

Funniest video int world, in terms of careful editing, sync’d dubbing and excellent, excellent choices of clips with which to demonstrate lyrics, has to be the ‘Supernatural In the Park’ one. That’s as in the fucking ace ‘South Park’, by the way, so expect lots of swearing and generally adult themes. Marvellous! And then of course we’ve been admiring the wide array of Supernatural Drinking Games that are out there. It’s been fun!

Also this week I’ve had to do that thing where you actually pay attention to what someone’s talking about, treat them like they have interesting things to say, you know the drill. Frankie’s been with us since we moved in, so I spose it’s time I actually took notice of what he bangs on about. Frankie’s the fridge, by the way. Sometimes it’s hard to understand everything he does say, ont grounds that he dunt speak English, only Fridge, and bearing in mind the very low ability of household appliances to learn any other language, it’s probably no surprise we don’t actually talk much. But you have to make an effort – I know he’s been feeling neglected lately, mostly by the pools of water ont floor under his feet. So now I’ve been attempting to learn Fridge for a week, I can honestly confirm that I can now distinguish between the sounds and tone of noise for ‘evening!’ and ‘empty my drip-tray, bitch!’ It’s hard, but I’m getting there.

Earlier this week I got my parcel from me big sister, and me new TARDIS 4-way USB hub is now on me Mac as I speak, plugging in my keyboard, my printer and me iPod Nano. It’s ace! Every time you plug in or disconnect a device it makes the (rather loud) vworp vworp noise and the blue lantern on top flashes. I thought the lantern flashed white, but hey, what do I care. It’s very very amusing. Pics are on my LiveJournal post. Woo-hoo!

There are new Wallpapers of the Week up, and I’m doing all I can to find stuff to do so as I don’t have to fight with me ‘Doctor bloody Who’ fan-fic number ten. It’s the last one, it’s the end of my ‘Doctor bloody Who’ writing for at least this year (I remember the same thing happening to my Sharpe stuff last year), but can I get it finished? Can I bloody hell as like. It just keeps growing and growing and growing… Ah well. At least I’ll end on a high, as they say.

And so to Purple Nurples ~ how hard can it be to buy a simple bottle of apple schnapps? Most shopkeepers just look at me like it’s the most random or completely unthinkable thing in the known Universe ~ what? Does no-one else ever drink it? Then how do they make a decent Purple Nurple? It’s just not right, I tell you. After dusting off my shaker, jigger and strainer, and making sure there’s plenty of ice in, I got the rest of the stuff on me list. The only thing I couldn’t seem to find was the apple schnapps. Just not right. CitySuper, Watson’s Wine Cellar in Central, even SOGO don’t have it. In the end I went to ‘great’ in Admiralty’s Pacific Place (downstairs in Seibu) cos they always have real jelly babies (not jelly beans – although why I’d want jelly beans is beyond me) and stuff as I can’t get elsewhere. As it happens, they have a Watson’s Wine Cellar down there that has just about every designer liquer known to man – and a few only known to Romulans.

So then ~ the facts. Bol’s blue curacao: HK$110. Bol’s grenadine syrup: HK$55. Sweet and sour drink mix: HK$33. Teichenn√© Manzana apple schnapps: HK$118. And of course, good ol’ Stolichnaya vodka (1 litre of): HK$90. Result: close to ten of these after a vodka starter and we’re singing, dancing, and quite frankly laffing at absolutely any old shite that appears on telly. Well worth the struggle – sweet without being nasty, smooth without being smarmy, unpretentious in a ‘I’m just here to do the job’ kinda way: all in all very, very nice shots. Now that’s a biscuit fer dippin’!

Speaking of which, this caught me eye and while I really should not be interested, I am. The new John Cusack movie ‘Martian Child’ looks very, very interesting. For so many reasons. Amanda Peet I can take or leave, but Mr Cusack could make that film very interesting just by giving the kid That Look every time he asks an astoundingly profound question about Life In General. Might go on my watchlist. And then there’s ‘Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’, containing about a million famous faces, not least of all Johnny Depp who sings in Mockney too. Undecided as to whether to watch this one. Could all be rather shite. Not sure… And then, very very far from finished, we get a teaser trailer for ‘The Dark Knight’, the next in the Batman series. Too early to tell, but at least Alfred’s in the mix. And the last one was so very good.

Right, that’s yer onion, I’m off. It’s too early on a Sunday to do owt but make a fried breakfast and see what happy mail I have this morning.

Peach and lube, everyone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


granny w said...

hey there, purple nurple lover! can you mail me please, got new pc and can't work out how to move my address book, and all that other shite you normally do for me! xxx

Camera Obscura said...

Looks like you get some Dark Knight filming yerownself.

(But that is just wiki-info...)

Soupdragon said...

I know ~ mate of a mate works overlooking the Mid-Levels escalator and is chuffed as nuts cos he watches em putting up cameras and shit after midnight.

Bought him a few at the pub quiz toniht: he's gonnae let me know when certain people *cough* turn up.


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