Friday, 29 February 2008

Stuff wot I've done

Bloody hell, I’ve not been here in ages. I do have reasons.

Saw ‘Jumper’ a while back. Verdict: not great, not very very poor, but somewhere in between. Good times: features wee Billy Eliot, all grow’d up and out-shining ‘I was Anakin Skywalker’ Boy as soon as he got there. Using The Streets’ ‘Lay Down The Law’ and opening the film with the bloody fab ‘Blackened Blue Eyes’ by The Charlatans. Bad times: Was I the only one who clocked (literally) that the clock on top of the Clock Tower (or “St Stephen’s Tower”) in London (the one attached to the bell called Big Ben) was showing half past the hour, but started chiming the hour anyway? And did someone edit out twenty minutes of much-needed explanation and/or reasons for… well, anything?

We saw Aaron (Aaron Kwok, Sing-Sing, Mr K., 郭富城, 城城, 舞台王者, 舞神, and any other nick-names he may have but I’ve forgotten to include) in concert last Saturday. To say he were bloody ace would be like saying “sea: big”. He danced, he sang, he bantered, he got all us girlies thoroughly, thoroughly drenched. By dancing in water, Gene Kelly style, I might add. Although we were quite damp in other places too, after watching him dance. Oooh, Mr K., you are bloody fab.


Also caught up on ‘Torchwood’ – last we saw were Martha Jones being absolutely bloody marvellous again, elbowing her way in and taking charge, being immune to certain things us normal people ain’t, and generally being fab like she used to be. Oh how we all love Martha. But did you clock wee Inspector Blythe, from the BBC series ‘Blackpool’ as Adam, just before? Hair’s all different, so it took me a minute, but there he is – DI Carlisle (David Tenninch Tennant)’s trusty sidekick research boy, in the flesh. Kinda.

But Owen? Owen? You’re going to kill him off? Really? Really? I’d just warmed up the stroppy bugger, and were even thinking he could be relied on for a few cheesy one-liners or simple distraction sub-plots while the big boys got on wi it. Now I’m pissed off – and I never thought I’d miss Owen. I’m just thanking the Powers That Be that it weren’t Ianto who got ganked – that would really have put me off the show for good. Pity it weren’t Gwen… Have to wait for this Saturday to get last week’s episode and the one just aired. Oh I hate time lags.

Talking of which, also caught up on (sort of) ‘Ashes To Ashes’. Episode three were ace, weren’t it? Weren’t it ace? I’m really warming to this Alex Drake bird, even if I found her a bit take-her-or-leave-her to begin with. With that slap and uppercut to the Gene Genie she really went up in me estimation – not to mention taking that toff home and shagging him to within an inch of his life, then turning up in shades the next day. Oh, my heroine. The Gene Genie’s still coming out with his Huntisms – I loved the crack about a kebab being “a pasty with its arse hanging out’. I’m sure there were hundreds more, cos I guffawed me way through it all, but I just cannot remember ‘em here. But Ray Carling and his sock puppets, eh? Who’d have thought?

And then onto other programmes as have been making me guffaw – and you knew this were coming, right? ‘Supernatural’, season three. How fucking fab is this series so far? It blows seasons one and two out of the water, hands down. Maybe cos it’s been in a ratings war, maybe cos its just got over the first two seasons’ familiarity and now has a chance to do more, but goddamn, if this ain’t some of the best writing and acting I’ve seen yet. Having Dean trapped in a basement with a demon, quietly discussing facts and futures (or lack thereof, in his case), was spine-tingling. His desperate clinging to every effort to make it seem like he’s relieved about going to Hell in under a year’s time is wavering between noble and heart-breaking. And if he has to tell Sam one more time to stop trying to find a way out of the deal, I’ll swing for Sammy on his behalf. Not a happy pair of Chuckle Brothers, those two, and it’s only going to get worse before owt’s sorted either way. The fifth episode, ‘Bedtime Stories’, had me in stitches at times, then thinking about blubbing, then jumping up and down ‘yay’ing as Sam took matters into his own hands.

I take back everything I ever said about Sam being a pansy-assed, book-loving pacifist. Oh yes. Sam is my new hero.

This is a Sam we’ve not seen before – and the whole ‘has he come back from the dead all evil, or has he not?’ thing doesn’t apply. It’s not evil, it’s desperation. No-one else can save Dean, that’s for damned sure, and if they could, how could Sam leave it to someone else anyway? This Ruby girl has her own agenda which is being toyed with by my imagination, but she’d better be careful if she thinks she’s just going to arse about with Sam, dangle carrots and then disappear like she doesn’t owe him owt. He’s nearly shot her before with the re-built Colt, and it’s a bloody good chance he’s thinking about doing it again, properly this time. Poor young men full of frustration and rage are not the people you want to stand in front of when they’re holding a loaded gun.

Having said that, he has dug up a lot of very useful info, some of which is going to be very instrumental in finding a way out of Dean’s deal. I am confident that, if anyone could find it, it’s going to be Sam. Although… Naw, forget it. I’m just grasping at straws. I just don’t want Dean to go down (at least, not like that, arf arf!) – who does? You know when you have a job, and you politely ignore that fact that, while it’s fun at times, it’s just not what you really want to do until you die? And then summat happens and you resign. Then it’s smiles all round – you only have to work yer notice and yer out of there. Excellent! No more caring about who’s going to be on shift in a fortnight, who’s going to get the parking space out by Smokers’ Corner, who’s going to have to perform the Month End shite. How fab is that? I mean, Dean’s in a similar post-resignation rut right now, but he can get out of it again. At least, I hope he can.

That’s about it, I think. Have to get to bed, this is getting on fer an essay. Just have to post shorter more often, I spose. I am trying, but this thing called ‘Real Life’ keeps getting int way. Don’t you hate it when that happens?


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I loved the "I can't sleep or drink or three favourite things" bit from Owen.

Torchwood is its own success now.

Sooooooooopurb stuff.

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