Tuesday, 30 September 2008

SPN 4.2, Doomsday, Hellboy 2

This week I have mostly been sorting my new flat how I want it (still) and watching telly. Now that I have my shiny new Toshiba. Which, yes, is called Tosh for short. But you knew that was coming, right?

First things first: last Thursday’s ‘Supernatural’ episode. While the title may have put me off just a tad, the actual story line was sound, and I did appreciate so many faces back to cause trouble. Sam still needs to take the situation seriously and realise Dean is really back - I’m not convinced it’s actually sunk in yet. I did get more than a few giggles hearing The Boys argue about the existence of angels - and on paper, Dean wins. I’m sorry, but he does. Bobby is still awesome, and this Misha Collins dude is really haring up the leader board in the Best Loved Guest Stars category. Still not convinced as far as New Ruby goes (still wishing Traci Dinwiddie had got that part), but hey, I’m nothing if not prepared to be swayed, should she suddenly become more believeable.

There was no way this episode was going to challenge 4.1 for the Season Triumph Award in my house, but it certainly did not let the side down by any stretch of the imagination. Lines like If you say ‘mysterious ways’ so help me I’ll kick your ass are keeping us on the level. If some felt the first episode was a step too far in terms of credible story lines, then this 4.2 will steady a few nerves, not least of all cos right now, Dean is the voice of the audience. Interesting switch from season three, eh?

Then there was ‘Doomsday’, the semi-Scottish-made virus disaster flick. I sat down hoping it would be better than the shite they were showing on TV. While it was a decent waste of about 110 minutes, I did find myself looking at my watch a good few times. Not even the impressive cast could keep me riveted - I got up to make a cup of tea at one point and didn't bother pausing it. It was very nice to see Alexander Siddig on my screen again, but the wasting of Sean Pertwee and ‘Hustle’s Adrian Lester was annoying. Also spotted Martin Compston, barely recognising him from ‘Sweet Sixteen’. Didn't matter though, cos just about everyone was killed off. Bob Hoskins was good - but then be always is. Not sure about the lead bird. I understand she was supposed to be emotionally detached, but most of the time she just came off as bored.

And then there was ‘Hellboy II: The Golden Army’. Visually impressive but a lot of “why bother?” going through my head. Again, I checked my watch more than a few times, and it’s barely 120 minutes long. A few giggles, a few gasps at the amazing creature concepts. The rest of it? Not so great.

I have been stalked this week - but that’s for another post. It’s probably not what you think, but it has freaked me out a little. But more on that later. For now I’m going to enjoy my day off tomorrow (1st October: who says China’s not good for summat?).


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