Monday, 29 December 2008

How uz ur Ch’ismus?

A friend in Japan, a works do, an evil nightmare that actually turned into a really good short story once I’d had enough tea, a broken tooth (when you’re eating popcorn there’s always one little fucker that dunt pop and decides to be the hardest substance known to enamel), laughter and distractions, Bruce Willis, mugs that help me choose a shade of tea, Splat Stan and gory gory endings, Wallace and Gromit and shits n’ giggles, a ball-bouncingly excellent ‘Doctor bloody Who’, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, new black-black gel nails (and I’m only wearing black until they invent a darker colour), iPod Bob III’s 978 songs on random, fan-fic reading and voting and hoping.

And then back to work.

How was your Christmas then?

Called the dentist this morning - not easy since I narrowly escaped Death By Wisdom Tooth by Consequent Excavation a while ago. I think I developed Dentophobia straight after that. Or it could have been the second wisdom tooth and the two-hour foundation digging that followed that caused it. Not sure. Anyway, have an appointment for Wednesday morning. Should be all kindsa fun and games, right? Think I shall be humming either Bad Company or Steve Carlson the entire visit. If only to stop me gibbering like a girl and running for the street like my arse is on fire.

Behold my excellent mug and coaster. Yay, tis a dead man! How fab is that!

Got a few good snaps of the weird and wonderful over the two-day break. Which I will of course share in forthcoming posts. My new year’s resolution? 1680 x 1050. And that I’ll continue to go to the gym, but int morning instead of last thing at night. And that I’ll post more often. Cos I have been really lazy recently. Or just not int mood. Hmm.

And then I started another ‘Supernatural’ fan-fiction. It’s season four (but I’m not into fiddling with on-going story arcs or canon) so assumes a few spoilers are understood, but other than that we’re back to gore, giggles, fights, drinking and plain old murder and mayhem. Excellent! Your link is below, of course. Don’t say I never give you owt.

Also available at the members’ site

And that's all the news that's fit to print.


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weenie said...

Hope you had a good Christmas. Doctor Who - what was all that about? Good episode but like, I thought we were gonna get a new doctor, not a pretend one! Not that I can't wait for David to go, cos I don't want him to go.

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