Sunday, 31 May 2009


Now I know I’ve gone soft. I’m actually quite touched by this story, seen on the Beeb website just this evening. How fab is that? It’s not that he’s winning, it’s that he’s giving the money to charity. I don’t know if I’d do the same thing in his position. Or would I? Not like I could take it with me. But I could make damn good use of it before I cark it. Maybe.

And another thing: I’ve been informed recently that I have “a type”. This “type” precludes me from (probably) ever finding a bloke in Hongkie Town. Yeah, you’ve guessed it: blond. I mean, come on, my first ever boyfriend was blond, I grew up on Han Solo (and Indiana Jones), and I have a thing for others not-so-blond but kinda blond in a squint-cos-it’s-the-lighting kinda way (yes, Dean Winchester, I’m talking about you). So the next confession should come as no surprise - a weakness for semi-blondness and accents (and ARMS) taken into account.

Yeah, that’ll be Charles ‘Trip’ Tucker III (he’s from Florida, people!), from ‘Enterprise’. Which I only watched cos ‘Supernatural’ has finished, ‘Burn Notice’ doesn’t start season three until 4th June, and I have to find summat to get my mind of another interminable summer of work, work, and oh let’s see - yes, more work.

Yeah, you see, none of this is actually my fault - me dad made me watch the original back int day, I chose to watch Next Gen during secondary school (granted), and then went on to DS9 in a big way during college and Real Life. No surprise that I should lust after take a liking to a grease monkey with a luuuurvely Florida drawl and blondish hair in yet another incarnation of said series? (But just fert record: no, did not get off on ‘Voyager’ at all…)

At least we’ve got tickets to FINALLY see ‘Star Trek’ on Friday night. Cos it opens Thursday, you see. Can’t wait. Karl Urban fert PHWOOOOAAAAARRR! factor and Simon Pegg fert tee-hee factor? Aceness.

That shallot. Onion. Thing. Time for bed, said Zebedee.

Peach and lube, people, peach and lube…

~ ~ ~ ~

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