Thursday, 14 December 2006


It’s nearly here. A quick squiz at the poster will tell you it’s supposed to open 21st ~ next Thursday. Yeah, films change on a Thursday here, not a Friday.

But for some reason (popular demand, the fact that every other country int world has already seen it, perhaps?), they’re now putting in extra ‘preview’ showings in Hong Kong. Cue my Friday night all sorted, then.

Also have secret gig tickets int works ~ more on that when I have em in me hot little hands.

Right. Must buy a frying pan (do you realise how hard it is to get a less-than-12-inch frying pan round here?), finish that letter to HKU and then finally sort that UCAS application.

By-the-by, have just upgraded this thing to Blogger Beta ~ apparently some people are having trouble leaving a comment. I know I had trouble logging into a mate’s page when she ‘upgraded’, and it wouldn’t let me leave a comment neither. I think if we give it a week, this page’ll have settled again. But with this new Beta thing you can leave ‘labels’, right? How am I supposed the label or categorise the shite I write about? I’ll have to overlap em, I suppose. Like “film” and “bollocks”, “music” and “shite”, etc. Ah well. At least the option is there.


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granny w said...

There should be a law against him running. and another to make him take his top off on demand.

Four Dinners said...

I always have trouble leaving comments but that's cause I'm pissed. Not seen the new JB yet. Caz wants to see Denzil's Deja Vu but I said I'd already seen it. She looked bewildered but didn't get it. haha what goods an ology then??

Soupdragon said...

Well ello Granny W, how are you? Does that mean he runs like Jet Li, like his legs are too short, or is he a champion sprinter, arf arf?

Hey there 4D ~ 'people will always need plates'.



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