Saturday, 27 January 2007

Signs (parte the Firste)

Yiiiii-iii, why didn’t someone tell me Dirk Benedict is on Celebrity Big Brother? Oh wait, probably cos even if I were in Blighty and had nowt but one channel to pass the next five years of my life, I still wouldn’t watch that pile o last week’s Lister-grade ripe pants. Ah well. But are people seriously considering voting him off? Yer having a giraffe! He’s Dirk Benedict, man! He’s Starbuck! He’s Face! He’s ACE!

Right, that’s outta me system now. In other news, hasn’t this week flown by? I mean, I were just thinking it were another soul-destroying Monday, when ~ bam! ~ I find it’s already Saturday! What happened there then?

And now fer summat completely different: Students and their wacky, weird and wonderful ideas ~ I don’t know, those crazy kids, eh! So, lesson: Signs and Notices. Class: six eleven-year-olds, bored as a ninety-foot well. I hold up this pic:

and say “What does this mean then?”

No-one answers. I intimidate a wee lad till he runs purple, then gasps out his desperate answer.
“No toilets,” says he.

The effect were instantaneous. I roar with laffter, and then a few seconds later, when five pennies have dropped, the rest of’t room laffs too. Suddenly everyone has a lateral-thinking answer and we tear through the entire box of signs with ball-bouncingly funny subsequence.

But no, I’m not letting you have em all now. You’ll have to wait fer a bit first.

That’s it. I’m off to bed ~ we’re off to Macau tomorrow, yippee!! Casinos and peanut crackle and ferries and iPods and walkings and buyings and arguings and eatings and taking picturings and stuff! Woo-hoo!

Peach and lube.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


* (asterisk) said...

Soz, didn't think to mention the Face man to you. Still, he didn't get voted off yet. He's in the final six, so he is. But he has been a bit of a miserable git.

weenie said...

Miserable yes, but wouldn't you be, stuck in a house with those obnoxious harpies?? Dirk is ace, so laid back. Have fun in Macau, only been there the once, many years ago. I dunno what I was expecting at the time, but I recall walking into a casino and thinking, 'hmm...this aint Vegas...'

Stella Bella said...

Did u have a great time in Macau? :)

drunk punk said...

Dirk came third, Jermaine Jackson second and Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty won it. Highest Brit was 'H' from Steps in 4th who was an ok guy. Rest of the Brits were embarrassing at best. The 'nice guys' came out on top which was a refreshing change.

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