Sunday, 25 March 2007

Signs: 3 / ‘Doctor Makes Me Blub’ Shocker!

A while ago I started on about the meanings of signs as given me by young students of the English language. So here’s the next one – it’s a cracker, as they used to say. Now what, in all possibilities in all worlds, could this mean?

Answers at the end of this post.

So anyway, saw the last part of ‘Doctor bloody Who’ series two last night ~ ‘Doomsday’. Have to say, I blubbed like a girl (ta, 4D for warning me!). But not cos Blondie is gone, no, no, no, no, noooooo…. (and even after I came to like her, int end). Let’s go back, shall we? I loved the whole Daleks v Cybermen thing ~ “Cybermen are better in one respect: they are better at dying!” screams the Dalek leader, and why not? The two opposing armies were fab, and rightly so. As Doctor Who comebacks go, who can argue wi the salt n’ pepper shakers v Trev and Simon? Pure bloody class, I don’t mind saying.

No, I blubbed on Blondie’s words when the Doctor appears one last time, on some flats in Norway, to say goodbye. And she asks him what he’ll do wiowt her. I believe he quotes the end of the 2005 Christmas special when he says “back to the TARDIS, same old life”. And she just says, “on your own?”

That were the bit that got me. That fact that, even though it’s been hammered home episode after episode by ol’ Russell T. Davies throughout series two, you never really think it could possibly be. The Doctor, alone, all over again. But int that what happens every time? Every time he ends up by himself. “The curse of the Time Lords”, he calls it. I think he’s right. Sure, everyone’s blubbing and upset cos Blondie’s gone. But straight away she runs into the arms of her mam. And then there’s Mickey, who’s always been int background – but at least he’s there in a real, physical presence kinda way. And of course, the man who int her dad but a parallel universe man who would have been her dad. It’s perfect. She’s got her nuclear family all back again, she just has to make it work. In short, she has friends, she has family around her.

I blubbed cos of the Doctor. Alone again. Always alone. Reminded me of ‘Firefly’, when Inara tells Mal he dunt have to die alone. And what does he come back wi? “Everyone dies alone.” And int he right? After all, the Doctor only has thirteen regenerations, I think. Which means he’s got four left, if we’re counting RE-generations, not actual lives. Kinda. So one day it really will be his last life. I wonder how he’ll go out? I’m sure Russell T. Davies has an idea fer that too, if only Auntie Beeb would let him have a go…

Also saw episodes four and five of ‘Blackpool’ tonight. Now, I know I have certain weaknesses, but come on, the Tennster giving Sarah Parish those eyes and she turns him down? What is she, made of stone? I would have given him one. Well, several. No charge, mate.

So anyway, the meaning of the sign at top o the post, as told me by an eleven year old, were:
Do not ignore your alarm clock.”

Excellent. Soopytwist!

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weenie said...

Funny, I cried at the end of this Doctor Who episode too because for once, I cared that this version of the doctor was going to be all on his lonesome. Watched '300' last night - your review was spot on. The bf didn't like it - knew he'd have an issue with the 'historical' aspect.

Thanks for the Chinese message...what does it say? :-)

* (asterisk) said...

Ah, there's been a moistened eye once in a while at my gaff, too.

This week, there's a Doctor Who special of The Weakest Link on telly, featuring Who cast members. Looking forward to that, I am.

Soupdragon said...

Oooh yes, so am I... I have ways of getting it over here, LOL

Hoping they can give the evil bag a run for her money - or rather, the money they'll probably give to charity, LOL


* (asterisk) said...

AND... The new series of Doctor Who starts on Saturday! I had no idea. I am so excited!!!

Soupdragon said...

Yeah, yeah, rub it in... I have to suffer the next 6 months of everyone else int English (and Japanese!) speaking world having seen it before me...
Then having to wait til its available to buy from Amazon, as it'll be a third of the price of the local HMV - in about a year's time.
So all I'll see is little clips on YouTube etc.
Not fucking fair, I tell you. If we're lucky, we might get it on HK TV sometime next summer.



Micky n Rose's mum ganged up on't Doc n voted him off!!! Sacrilige!!! Still it was fun n Rose's mum did well after being unbelievably crap in't first three rounds n surviving.

Told yer yer'd blub. Same reason as me n all - not that I did of course. I'm a man.

Series three kicks off tonight. Yahoooooooo. Can't wait

Soupdragon said...

Yer not supposed to tell me that, you shit!!! How am I supposed to enjoy the downloaded version now??



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