Wednesday, 12 September 2007


I have to confess, I’ve been banging on about the unfairness of certain firms as have not provided Mac versions for paying customers, on the assumption that they couldn’t possibly NOT have access nor inclination to use a PC. It does seem that at least one body also find this unfair – the watchdog thing that checks the good ol’ Beeb is actually spending license money where and when it should also thinks that their iPlayer heap should already be working fer lovely cuddly Mac people. So, yay Mac people and Beeb watchdogs, I suppose.

Should go some way to stop people downloading shite they shouldn’t – or will it? If you’ve been lucky enough to read any of me past posts since I started this attempt at grown-up drivel, you’ll notice I live overseas and have had to resort to ‘alternative measures’ to get certain programmes I love to watch (and, inevitably, more on that later). So it’s no surprise to anyone that people in the UK are also helping themselves to shows from’t overseas companies too. After all, why do we have to wait fer top-rated shows when people blab what happens in em not five minutes after the damned episodes finished (pointing no fingers, and especially not at meself).

Speaking of TV, this George W. Bush piss-take is apparently doing the rounds, and I have to say, I laffed me arse off (ta to big sister for sending me the link).

Meanwhile, back here in Hong Kong, the annual Battle of the Mooncakes is hotting up again. With a bit of luck we will NOT be getting relentless Joey Yung ads, cos I have to say, she really does get on me tits. Not literally, of course. Stop it, all of you. Anyway, I’ll be getting St, Honore ones in again this year, and yeah, it’s cos I’m shallow enough to be swayed by large pictures of Aaron Kwok Fu-Sing selling em. I’m that kind of girl. Also speaking of the lovely Aaron (who does qualify for the ‘People You Would Lick All Over’ category, along wi John Barrowman and Gerard Butler), it seems he not only has another film out soon (‘The Detective’), but oh lookie, what’s that coming over the hill? Is it a concert? Is it a concert? Well maybe it is… and yer all assuming I know of tickets and seating… Well, you might think that, but I couldn’t possibly comment. Suffice to say: excitement itself.

And talking of excitement – Jet Li and Jason Statham going at each other? Sounds good to me. The vehicle, Rogue Assassin (or ‘War’ in other parts of the world) opens here tomorrow (yeah, films change on a Thursday round here. Cool!) and rest assured, I will be tagging along to see it at some point. Which is ironic, cos I haven’t been to the cinema since… ooh, ‘The Invasion’, I think. Other than Jet Li, I’m well up for Ang Lee’s latest, Lust / Caution, simply because it features the impossibly suave wee Tony Leung Chiu-Wai (Chan Wing-Yan from the ‘Infernal Affairs’ trilogy, to the uninitiated). I’m sure it features other top-notch people as well (Joan Chen, anyone?) but they shall pale to insignificance beside the Acting God that is Wee Tony. Also ont cards is the Stephen King thriller-type thing with the inimitable John Cusack (we liiiiiiike!) and some bloke called Samuel L. Jackson – 1408, also starring our own Paul Kasey (without him, you wouldn’t have a single walking/moving alien in ‘Doctor bloody Who’) in what I suspect will be a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moment. But at least he’s in there, eh.

So after I’ve got over that glut of potentially mind-bending films, praps I’ll get back to sorting me wallpapers of the week and generally keeping up wi Real Life. I tell you what though, some days it hardly seems worth it.

Anyway, soopytwist, and I shall see you all again quite soon.

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Nah sod real life. Stick wi' movies. Much more fun.

That Bush piss take is supurb

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