Sunday, 13 January 2008

Birthday wishes

I know I probably did this last year too. In fact, yeah, I know I did. So on wi the birthday requests, then. I will of course be 25 again, so stop wi the Old Wimmin presents. And I live in Hong Kong, so don’t send me owt for winter. Our winters are 10-15° C without rain, so don’t be so nesh.

First ont list, then. Anyone as feels like furnishing me wi this wee present would be in me good books – or no, my bloody star books – for eternity:

Just like that, as Tommy Copper used to say. And probably still does.

Next. Any combination of the usual suspects, AKA the Royal Marines Commando Fantasy Corps, with or without attire, is fine. Would be rude of me to try and pick any one of em over the others. Unless he's Karl Urban or David Tenninch Tennant, praps. They kinda get bumped to the top, mostly. Anyway, next ont list, and I know this is asking a lot, but would it really be rude to ask for an Aston? Either a 4 litre straight-sixed 280 bhp 1963 DB5, a 1977 V8 Vantage (well, let’s just say that year is a special one) or a full-on DBS V12. Or all three, if yer feeling particularly generous.

Off the car stuff and back to Geekville, where I reside with pleasure. I still want a new iMac – cos they’re so amazingly fab. And the extra special 1 terabyte drive would be fucking lush – that’s one thousand gig, to anyone else. Phwoooaaaaaarrrrr…

Ahem. Anyway, think we’re done here. I feel a pub quiz coming on, down’t Winchester White Stag again.

Peach and lube everyone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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A distant relative of mine can claim to have ridden in an Aston.

He bonked Ann Aston who was a presenter on TV. 'The Golden Shot'? with Bob Monkhouse I think in the 60's.

Given the irrelevance of the above you must have ascertained I'm pissed again.....

Happy Happy Birthday babe xxx

(If me lottery comes in I'll let yer know) ;-)

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